About company


“Edelweiss” performs a full range of commissioning operations at industrial facilities — from technical documentation preparation to completion and start-up.

We started as a team of like-minded professionals, each in its own field, who jointly implement difficult and exceptional projects, which require creativity and high engineering qualification. As a result, this start has grown into a rapidly advancing business.

Our mission is to be your long-term partner in the implementation of investment programs and engineering concepts helping you to bring to life moonshot projects.

Our goal today is to become the best contractor of the region in engineering support, commissioning and service maintenance of industrial facilities.

The base of our strategy is the system of rules followed by each employee.

  • We live and work up to the principle “win-win” with everybody: customers, partners, employees;
  • We appreciate and reward the work aimed at achieving results and carry out obligations “on a same day basis”;
  • We work by a rule “dictum-factum” complying with our rules in any situation;
  • We track our work performance by the rule: “If you do a job, do it well”;
  • Long-term partnership based on professionalism and honesty is more important for us than immediate profit;
  • We don’t stand still. Any mistake is a reason to advance.  Any success is an incentive to move on.


Following the rules and expert knowledge and using current experience, “Edelweiss” gives you the main thing – confidence in successful project implementation in accordance with your highest requirements within the specified deadlines and budget.


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