Living Quarters Platform (LQM-2) commissioning

Living Quarters Platform-2 shipboard and energy facility commissioning

Category Completed
Construction facility 2nd phase of V. Filanovsky field LQM-2 (Living Quarters Platform)
General customer “Lukoil Nizhnevolzhskneft” OOO
Start 2017 March
Finish 2017 September

Review of construction readiness and system readiness for individual testing.
Equipment individual testing.

LQM-2 (Living Quarters Platform) shipboard and energy facility commissioning:

Shipboard equipment facilities:

  • Drain port system;
  • Water based fire system
  • Foam fire system
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Gaseous fire suppression
  • Smoke ventilation system
  • Utility fresh water system
  • Process fresh water system
  • Seawater supply system
  • Deck drain system
  • Oily waters collecting and discharge system
  • Steam supply system for ice removal
  • Heating system
  • Desalination system
  • Nitrogen and pressed air system
  • Chemical ventilation system
  • Water sprinkling system


  • Emergency diesel generator and its supporting systems
  • Diesel fuel acceptance, pumping and separation system
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